Monday, December 3, 2012

November Favorites 2012

Hello Dolls!

I am so excited to tell you all my favorites of November! My boyfriend was currently visiting for the majority of November so I didn't really blog, but I do have quite a few makeup favorites to tell you all about! Some months I may have more eye products, hair products, skin care, or lip products than others. This month I have all face products except for one eye product! I changed my eyes and lips up a lot this month, but my faced stayed pretty much the same.

Oh my gosh, I have been loving this palette so much this month. However, I just loved the top row. I have been wearing that all month on my eyes pretty much(that's why I cropped the picture like that). Wednesday, I will be doing a full review on this palette, but oh my gosh I have loved it for a very natural everyday look. Soulmates is a gorgeous all over lid color which I have been loving. I love the light lid and dark crease a lot this month. 
I love this all over face powder. It is by NYC and it is the translucent powder. I love setting my makeup with this powder and it gives a flawless look when I dust it on. I have a full review on my blog here, and on my youtube here
As for contouring I have been loving my Benefit Hoola Bronzer! I have a full review here. I love contouring and I have quite a few powders, but this is so light and blends like a dream. It is very easy to travel with too. I love contouring to make my cheekbones really pop.
To go along with contouring and making my cheek bones really pop I love to put a highlight on. This has to be my all time favorite highlighter and it is just gorgeous on the skin. It gives a great glow and is super easy to use. I have a full review on this product here.
I have been loving this Marilyn Monroe Collection Mac Beauty Powder, sadly it was limited edition and they no longer sell it. It is a very light pinky undertone highlighter/brightener. It is perfect for the days I don't feel like putting High Beam on, or when I want to brighten up my under eyes up a little bit.
Lastly, and oldie but a goodie Nars blush in Super Orgasm. I love it and it gives a gorgeous glow on the cheeks. It is a nice flush of color and glows on the cheek with the glitters. I do have a review here.

Overall, I love all the products and had a very successful month with rediscovering some amazing products in my collection. If you click on the word "here" underneath any of the products it will go to a direct link of the review I did of the product. If you have any question, comments, or concerns please don't be afraid to leave them in the comment section below!

Be a Bombshell Baby,

FTC: All the opinions are my own, and I purchased all these products except for the Nars Blush and Romantic Eye Palette. Those were gifts from my boyfriend. 

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