Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review: Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

Hello Dolls!!!!Oh my gosh I am like beyond excited to talk about this eye palette from Too Faced. It is the Romantic Eye Palette, and is very near and dear to my heart, because my amazing boyfriend did get this for me on Valentine's Day. I love it so much. It is around the $38 mark, but you get gorgeous shadows and a mini shadow insurance. It is a great bang for your buck, even though it was a gift.

 Let's talk packaging. It is gorgeous!! It is pink with pink and white flowers all over. The product does have a magnetic closure to it, and has a hard time budging in my travel bags or when it dropped on the floor(oops :/ No breakage though!!. I've seen their older boxed palettes, and this is very compact and uses less cardboard than their previous palettes. The palette comes with three tutorial cards, but I honestly don't use them at all. They're good for beginners, but I don't use them. 

 The shadows are classified in rows called Day, Classic, and Fashion. They just give you extra ideas on how to where these colors if you feel over whelmed. But don't be shy to mix and match the shadows! They Day look is supposed to be an every day look, Classic would be for an event(I wore it to prom, with glitter!!!!!), and Fashion is supposed to be for a fun night out. To be honest I wear them whenever I want. I really love Honeymoon, it is my favorite color out of the whole palette. This is a very beginner/user friendly product.

I am going to go down the rows vertically, so the first set are the biggest shadows in the palette. These are considered highlighting or all over lid colors. They are very light but buttery quality. 
Soulmates is a shimmery white color and it is my favorite to use all over the lid for an every day look. The swatch does not do it justice, but I used it almost every day in November and it is just a great shadow to give some life to the eyes. Soulmates has major fallout though, but I can get over it because it is such a great shade!
Kiss the Bride is a matte pink. It is a very pigmented color, but can be sheered out quite a bit. I also like to use this as an all over lid color or even in the outer two-thirds or in the crease with Soulmates on the lid. 
Bouquet Toss has to be my least favorite shadow in the whole entire palette. It comes off more white, with a green undertone. It is an alright color and I use it sometimes, but not often. I have no use for it. 
Over all, these are great all over the lid colors, highlighting, or blending shadows. Very smooth and buttery. 

I Do is a pretty taupe color with brown undertones. It is matte, and I find it hard to work with. It is a pretty color, but it sure does take a lot of blending to make it look nice. I do where it a lot though, it just looks amazing with Soulmates!! I usually just use this color on my outer two-thirds to define it a little bit.
Cut The Cake is a gorgeous purple with a pretty shimmer leaning on the sheen side. I use this on the lids or crease. It is perfect for a hint of purple tones to your look.
Honeymoon has to be my all time favorite of the palette!! It is just a shimmery fun golden-y greenish shadow!!! Major fallout, but it is worth it for this shadow. Perfect for the holidays, prom, hot date, or to add an extra umph to your look. I love it. I would wear it everyday if I could. It is the stand out shadow of this palette for me. I have it in another palette(Sweet Dreams Holiday Collection 2011), and it is my favorite Too Faced Shadow over all.  Once you get passed the fallout and put your foundation on afterwards you will love it!! All Shadows are creamy and buttery. 

These are the definer shades for sure! You can use them anywhere and it will look good. Lid, Crease, and Liner. It all looks AH-MAZ-ING.
Un-Veil is a matte very rich chocolate brown. It can lean towards the black side but less harsh. I find when you use I Do and this color together it gives a memorizing look. I love it.
First Dance is a deep matte plum color. It is great for a pop of purple on the lash line or even in the crease or outer V. Looks great with a tiny bit of purple. I love using this in the crease.
Ever After is the more bronze version of Honeymoon and I love pairing the two together! It has a TON of fallout too, but again it is worth it for how amazing the shadow looks on. Again, all shadows are very creamy and buttery.

The swatches might not be the best quality every, but it works for now. I feel like they are some of the best shadows I own, and is perfect for dates and looking effortless pretty everyday. A lot of people use this palette for prom, their weddings, or just wanting that "in love" look for an every day eye. Overall I think this is a great palette. For me it is a must, because I just love most of the colors in here. I could take this on vacation and not need any other shadows. The matte and shimmer shadows balance each other out that it is wearable by itself. Plus Too Faced is a cruelty free company, extra bonus!! If you have any questions, concerns, or requests please leave them down in the comment section below!

Be a Bombshell Baby,

FTC: All opinions are my own, this item was gifted to me by my boyfriend.

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