Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Shimmer Palette: Rose Champagne Glow

My oh my! Best highlighter from the drug store EVER!!! If you are not a pinky highlighter gal, then this is not you. There are other highlighters from the Fergie collection that are more bronzy/champagne and those may suit you more. However they are way to dark for me personally. I love pink highlights! This product is so silky smooth and gives the face a beautiful glow. I love putting it on to give my face a sexy glow. An everyday favorite for me. I dont have any problems with chunky glitters and this lasts all day for me. Does not look greasy and gives off the prettiest sheen ever!

The Packaging is in a HUGE pot form, it is plastic. I am not a fan on how big it is, kind of bulky. I will let that slide since it IS a great product. Obviously you are paying $3.99(or $4.99 depending on location) so you will not get a super sleek and luxe packaging. I love it regardless.

Overall, it is very smooth and gorgeous looking on the skin. I am assuming it looks great on most skin types. I love how easily this is to blend on the skin, and I prefer using my middle and ring finger together to apply this product. It also looks great on the eyelids. It is such a versatile product and I highly suggest you try out this product or any of the other three shades of highlights/bronzers in this line if you have a dark skin tone!!!


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