Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review: Lorac Pro Palette

Hello My Dolls!!!! I've missed you so much! And to relaunch my blog and doing what I love again I am going to be talking about the Lorac Pro Palette! Oh my gosh I am OBSESSED with it!!! IT is the most amazing thing in the whole entire world. Of course I am a huge fan of my Urban Decay palettes and nothing can EVER replace them, but this is alternative if you don't want to spend the $50 for the original Naked Palette.

Packaging is very thin, sleek, and portable. The mirror is a real one, and not one of the funny fun house mirrors most products seem to have. My only concern is that it does have a rubberized texture, very similar to NARS, and will pick up makeup from foundation and other powders very easily. I only have had it for about a week and have not had too much problems with it yet, but if that is the case I can obviously wipe it down with a makeup wipe and be good to go.

Hands down I LOVE the shadows. I am a very picky person with my shadows. These shadows are very buttery and apply like a dream. They are not chalky, and don't have much fall out. The darker shimmery shadows are the only ones you may want to be careful with when applying. Just like any dark shimmery shadow you will experience a little bit of fall out. These shadows are very rich and pigmented though, and exceeded my expectation. Also they blend together flawlessly. For the $42 it is a great deal!!! Plus you get a primer that I have not tried yet, but will review in the future.

Top Matte Row
Top Shimmer Row

Will I purchase more from this brand in the future? Yes you can count on it!


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