Thursday, July 4, 2013

E.L.F Daily Brush Cleaner.

If you are anything like me, you abhor cleaning your brushes!!! I find it so time consuming and quite frankly just plain boring. I dont have time for it! I really just dont like doing it. And who does?

Well ladies and gents I have found a solution for you!! The Eyes Lips Face( aka E.L.F), daily brush cleaner. This will not subsitute deep cleaning your brushes forever. However instead of cleaning them once a week you can totally clean them once or twice a month with this product! It is $3 at Target(or because it is a studio item. It is an anti-bacterial cleanser so it does help sanitize your brushes in between washes. I think this is prefect for EYE brush use. If I am using the same colors on my eyes I really dont find the need to deep clean them each week. However, with face brushes I suggest cleaning them once a week. This product allows you not to clean your face brushes MULTIPLE times a week. 

It has a kind of clean scent. Like "just washed" kind of smell. Plus this makes your brush bristles SUPER soft!!! I love this product and hope you do too!!!


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