Thursday, July 4, 2013

Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush: Flushed

I have heard so much hate on this one product! A lot of people do not love the revlon cream blushes, and I can see why with their regular line of cream blush. However the photo ready blushes are different. Unlike the regular line, the photo ready blushes have more pigmentation and lasting power. I am not saying they last all day and night, but they a good six hours. I will do a separate post on the regular Revlon cream blushes, but their lasting power is not so great. So in comparison the photo ready line is signifacntly better!

I chose the blush in flushed. It looks like a scary hot pink blush in the packaging, however it goes on quite nice. Some people may say sheer, but I say natural. It looks like a nice healthy pink flush to the face. I love the texture, it feels very smooth and kind of silky. The reason why I say kind of silky because it is so smooth and nice feeling that I am not quite sure if silky is the right word. It feels sooooo good though. At first you will feel like it feels greasy, but once it dries it is the best feeling ever!!! Quite like the Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Primer. So smooth nice and natural. Does not feel greasy after it dries. I love it!!

The Packaging is very sleek and classy. I love the glass jar it comes in, and I love how it just looks so simple and beautiful. It looks great on top of my vanity. Just very chic.

I also love how I can wear this color on my lips! Such a pretty pink color!!!

Overall, this product is very nice. I love applying it with an angled synthetic brush to get the perfect flawless application.


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