Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Steal or Splurge? Studded Combat Boots.

Hello Dolls! Oh my gosh!!! I was on Windsor Store online the other day and I came across the AMAZING combat boots that look just like the Steve Madden Tarnney Boots!!! I have been lusting over the Steve Madden ones for ages, but I was always scared to get them since the are quite pricey for the style. $149.95! Studded boots is a very big trend for everyone alike. I never wear combat boots or studded shoes so $149.95 is quite a lot to ask for. However, these boots from Windsor Store are $36.90, and I've read so many good reviews on them that I think it is worth the Steal vs the Splurge. They look almost identical, but the Steve Madden ones look obviously better quality. If I know I am going to wear combat boots all the time then I will totally splurge on the plain Steve Madden combat boots. I think if you are going to try out a new style for you and it is pretty trendy I say you should save, just because you never know if you will like it. Studs may be just a phase, or not. I think everyone should try out the cheaper pair just to see if they enjoy styling and wearing this trend. I hope this helps you finding your perfect fit!!! If you have any request please leave them in the comment section down below!

Steve Madden Tarnney

Windsor Store Black Studded Boots
Steve Madden Troopa(what I would splurge on)

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