Monday, December 24, 2012

Review: MAC Lipstick in Brave Red

Hello Dolls! I am writing this review on this amazing MAC lipstick in Brave Red. The pictures don't give it much justice, but they gift the gist of it. I don't have the best lips right now, they are very chapped so I tried to put the lipstick on lightly so it wont show all that ickyness. Plus I like to apply this lipstick lightly anyways, it is a super pigmented lipstick. It is super creamy, smells like cupcakes, however if you do not use a lip liner the lipstick will fade after a few hours. Obviously wear time depends whether or not you are eating and drinking. I think it is a great investment for $15. This lipstick can be worn multiple ways if you use the right lip liner  I like the ones from Prestige a lot, they can range from 99 cents to $7 bucks. I have the 99 cent pencil one in Amore and the $4.99 automatic one in Rosewood. It can go from a very bright lip to a very dark lip all depending on the liner. So again, I hope you all found this review helpful! If you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave it in the comment section down below. Please don't forget to follow my blog, and I will follow back!

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  1. wonderful lipstick ! Amazing !