Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: L'oreal True Match Foundation and Powder

Hello Dolls!!! Today I will be talking about the L'oreal True Match Foundation and Powder. I've been testing this product out for about ten months and I am on the fence about it. It feels so nice on the skin and gives great flawless coverage, but the coloring and wear is not my cup of tea. I really want to like them, but again with all drugstore foundations it is too dark for me and makes my skin look too pink. I feel like if you can wear most drugstore foundations and have little problem finding your right shade you will love this product. If you like medium coverage, silky smooth texture, and love really easy makeup to blend then this product is for you! If you have really dry skin just put some moisturizer on and it'll work. If you have a really hard time finding your shade in the drug store because you are so pale just don't even bother. C1 is the lightest, W1 and N1 are too dark for me so I returned them both and ended up with C1.

I really enjoy the texture, and smell, and look the powder gives off. It is very silky and gives my face a flawless look. It does not leave my skin feeling cakey. It is the lightest shade, but I feel like it is way to pink and dark for me. I put the powder on to matify my T-zone, but I feel like my face looks even more pink that with no make up on. It is a nice product to wear by itself and it gives nice light coverage. With the foundation though it is over kill and makes my face look to pink and dark.

I love the texture and application of this foundation. It is very easy to apply and gives a very natural finish. It is a very nice medium coverage foundation. This again is the lightest shade in the whole true match line, but I feel like it is a little dark on my face. It oxides kind of pink but more of a orange tone. I blend it on my neck, and it looks nice the first couple hours but as the day goes by my face ends up two shades darker most of the time. I end up mixing this foundation with a moisturizer, and it obviously has less coverage, but it does not make my face darker after a few hours.

Again, I really loved the product but hated how it is too pink and two shades dark. It really is a lovely product, and if you can find your shade go for it! However, us really pale gals will just have to pass on this great foundation. I can totally see why people love it, but sadly it is not the right shade for me.

Be a Bombshell Baby,

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