Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello 2013 Goodbye 2012!

Hello Dolls! Today I am going to be talking about trends I think we should say goodbye to, and trends we should possibly keep. I am going to start with a negative, then go into the positive so we can start this year off with a bang! If you haven't seen my new video on what I will be looking like on my face for new years click here!!!!!

Disclaimer! I am not trying to offend ANYONE. If you are wearing it and loving it, please keep rocking it. My dislikes are when it is a little too out of control.

Goodbye Ugly, Scary Trends!!!

1. Dragon Length Nails. I like long nails, but when your nails are too long and they are looking tacky that is when you need to clip them or take the fake off.

2. Ombre Everything. I think Ombre Hair should stay, but I hate ombre clothes. I just feel like this trend is not the most flattering on some body types(mine included). It is nice for the summer but for an everyday kinda thing I think it should stop.

3. The Purple Lips. Most people cannot pull this look off. The people who can wear this look, kudos to you, please keep rocking it. However, most people cannot put it off. It just looks weird and a little cray cray. It is awesome if you are experimenting and what not, but I think this trend should not make itself a 2013 trend. Now the wine and berry lips can stay, but the whole purple tone is when it gets a little cray cray. You just have to have the right skin tone to pull this look off.

4. Print on Print trend. Again, this is the whole some people can and some people cannot. It's a little too much going on in one space. I just think a solid and print look better than a print on a print. It just is a little too much for me personally.

5. Overly Fake Bakin' It. Now, I rather have people fake bake it than expose themselves to UV rays. However, I am seeing too much of it on TV and around school. It goes to a point where it is too dark and a little bit on the orange side. I feel like most girls know when to stop going darker, but some just don't. I really want the overly fake bake girls to stop. It just does not look natural any more.


6. Pastels! I loved the Pastels this year I hope they stay in again for spring and summer. Just nice soft, pretty little colors.

7. Studs! I have become a huge stud lover, and I think it can take a super girly girl(like my self) and add some edge to an outfit. I love being so girly, but having a little bit of an edge to my look makes me a little less boring.

8. Combat Boots! Again, with the adding an edge factor. I love the instant cool factor you feel when you put on some bad ass combat boots on.

9. Arm Candy! I think once it starts to get a little bit warmer, arm candy will be huge again. I cannot wait to start stacking bracelets and looking all cute this summer.

10. Confidence. I think that is the best thing 2013 can offer us. I feel like confidence is timeless and should always be around. Be whoever you want to be.

If I totally bashed on some of your fav trends, then tell me in the comments below! Tell me how you work it out! I obviously did not put classic trends like a red lip, winged liner, a smokey eye. Because those will never go out of season. I just picked a few of my fav trends from this passed year I'd love to see again this upcoming year! What are you excited about this new year?!

Be a Bombshell Baby,

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