Friday, September 7, 2012


     Hello Dolls! I want to say I am sorry for not posting any reviews this week, or any exciting posts, but school just started! Adjusting to a new school is always hard, and I just was having a hard time. I got my schedule changed, and I get to leave early now! So that is very exciting news!! BECAUSE, I get to spend more time on here and YouTube, and I will not have crappy posts or videos. Now YouTube is on hold because I need to get my camera working. However, I do outfits of the day's and that will be there until sometime in October. YouTube and my Blog will be VERY close because I will do a review on a product on both my channel and on here. I will do tutorials and hauls as well. I personally love hauls but not so much on blogs-ha!!!

     Starting Monday, I will have a schedule for everything. So please bare with me this weekend, please (: Also, I do a lot of drugstore products because that's what my friends want to see because they have will power and not buy everything at Sephora.Ha!!! I will be doing high-end product reviews so stay tuned (:

Be a Bombshell Baby,

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