Friday, September 7, 2012

GIY Friday: Fashion Collages

     Hello Dolls! I am so sorry I didn't post yesterday, I had a review and I did it, but I guess it never published. Anyways, I will publish it tomorrow. Now on to the Glam It Yourself Friday! Today I will be showing you all a very simple yet chic way to glam up those ugly white binders we all use for school. It is by making fashion/make-up collages. These are Fashion collages I am showing you today, but by all means use what ever pictures you love!
     So first off you will need materials!!! You will need Magazines(don't worry I did NOT chop up the Miley one, it was just there to be pretty!), scissors, glue stick, printer paper, and color pencils if you want to decorate a binding(I didn't).

      Next you will need to cut out pictures and just pretty things from the magazines. Apparently I got a man, my snuggie, and NOT the Pretty Little Liars title in the shot. Super Gorgeous(ha- not!). So just cut out pictures and logos and whatever else your heart desires! I ended up storing them in a Victoria Secret bag and I think it is perfect!

     Next you will want to organize the pictures on the printer paper. This was the start of what I did, and then when you like it paste it with glue (:

     Finally, you will have your finished collage! Just remember to overlap!!! That is the whole point of the collage.This took about a week to do, but if you want it done sooner then work on it harder and longer. Just cutting out alone took a while, but then finding the right images to go wear took some time too. You don't have to use everything just the stuff you like! Save all your scrapes for the next collage!!!

Be a Bombshell Baby,

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