Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall 2012 Trends: Studs and Spikes

     Oh my goodness!!! I am personally super duper excited for this trend the most. I am such a girly-girl at heart and I wear pinks and lacey stuff. I am so girly and feminine I have no edge at all! If I could I would dress like Kate Middleton all the time. But I kind of want to up my street cred a little bit, haha just kidding. I don't have any street cred, and I am almost positive I will not be magically recieving that anytime soon.
     I adore this trend though because I feel like I over kill girly. With flats if I can have studs on the toes or the back of the heel. With that I can rough up my style a little bit, and fall is all about being edge-y. This shoe is by n by Nicole Miller, and they sell these at JCP.

     If you don't want to go so edge-y they also have a glittery rose-gold pink flats as well with studs around the part where the foot goes in!

     Again this shoe is n by Nicole Miller at JCP.
     Also, you can do this trend with bags!!!!
     How cute is that?! This bag is from Bakers , and it's a great transition piece. Plus it's big enough you can even wear it at school. Would it count as a weapon though? I hope not, it's super cute. The store I went to was sold out of this bag, so I most likely have to get it online. But it's gorgeous.

     Bakers do have a lot of studs and spikes going on right now so I would check them out if I were you. I love JCP shoes, so go check them out aswell! Im sure Target, Payless, and Aldo also have this trend going on. I hope you all liked this post, please comment and subscribe, new posts daily (: All these pictures were taken from the actual website, since I dont own them yet. Click shoe, shoe, bag, JCP, or Bakers above and they will take you to the site and the exact prodcut. Enjoy(:

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