Thursday, October 10, 2013

Choose Sargento Cheese

Hello all! Welcome back to my blog. Now I have been gone for a while because I have been so busy with school, work, and going on a five day vacation between the mix! I barely had time to eat, let alone eat healthy, and that is when I went to take the Choose Sargento Cheese challenge! Sargento Cheese is a great source of not only 15% calcium, but also 4g of protein. When I am choosing a snack or a breakfast option I am looking for protein. One piece of Sargento Cheese keeps me lasting through out the day. For breakfast I usually pair it with a banana, toast, or my personal favorite an apple and cold Starbucks drinks you buy at the store. As for a snack I like to eat it alone or with carrots on the side. These options are a great way to stay full longer, and keep the calories low! Containing fewer than 90 calories a cheese stick these little wonders are perfect if you are trying to maintain or loose weight. My favorite cheese snack from Sargento is the light mozzarella string cheese! I find myself choosing this type over and over again at the grocery store. I was provided two vouchers, one of a $1.00 off and a free cheese pack, courtesy of Influenster.  I thank them a lot for providing my box. As a cute little cheese accessory I also received a cheese pouch. It really reminds me of a lunch box that is lined, but for a piece of string cheese! So if you are wanting to feel satisfied and lose a little bit of weight I would say choose Sargento Cheese!


FTC: I was given the Sargento Cheese Box compliments of Influenster, for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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