Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tarte BB Primer

Even though this is marketed as a BB cream/Primer I use it as a foundation. It gives my face a satin feel and flawless coverage. Now for me I dont like super heavy/full coverage foundation. But this BB cream is close to a medium coverage in my eyes. It has more coverage than my Bobbi Brown foundation!!!! Which is kind of weird. However, I love both foundations for a different purpose.

The Packaging
      Not my favorite thing in the world. It is a squeezey tube and tends to get really dirty. I do not like how I get so much product when I squeeze some out. It really "pops" out. I am not the biggest fan of that.

The Product
      It reminds me of a light and airy product. However it is a light-medium coverage. The more you apply the more coverage you get. The finish is a matte/satin finish. It feels just lovely on the skin. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels you just need to try it for yourself!! I find more matte products give more coverage in general. I like to use this product on a hot day when I know I will be sweating and my foundation(or BB Primer in this case) WONT come off! Plus it gives a really nice done up medium coverage look.

     I love this product. I do not use this on a day to day basis because I like a more natural less coverage type of look. However, when I feel like I need more coverage this is the product I go for!! I do not need to set the product and it really does live up to the 12-hr claim! Such a beautiful finish too!


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