Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation.

This is my Holy Grail foundation. It is light coverage and gives me a natural look. It is suppossed to look like your skin but a better, more enhanced version of it. I'll be honest it does not have the best coverage to it. So if you want to cover everythiing then skip this. If you are like me and love the way your natural skin looks but you want to coverup redness and neautralize it then this is the foundation for

I love my freckles and I dont have any major skin issues except for my redness in my skin. I like having a fresh look to my face. It really does have a skin finish to the face. My skin is able to breath and I have not broken out with this foundation. This is the best foundation EVER!

The Packaging
      It is very sleek and lux with it being in a glass container with a PUMP!!! Gosh I love the pump oh so very much!!! I cannot tell you how easy it is to do a pump and a half every day and gives my skin a flawless look.

The Results
     Now, I do not like medium to full coverage foundations at all. I feel like I cannot breathe at all and my face feels like it is suffocating.  This foundation give light coverage with the ability to build up the coverage. So lets say I am having a bad face day and I need a little bit more coverage on my cheeks then I can just add a little bit more and volia it is perf!!!!

     Even though it may not have the coverage of my Tarte BB primer I pick my Bobbi Brown over it everyday just because I love the light coverage feel. It is a great foundation for the price!

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