Friday, June 28, 2013

Wow, gone a long, very long time

Hi there! Gosh, I am so so so so sooooo sorry for the lack of posts!!! Life got in the way. Graduating, finals, and work. It was so much on my plate. I dont even know how to explain. All I can say is I will be uploading TEN new posts by next Saturday!!!!!!! I am relaunching the blog and starting over. I miss doing product reviews oh so very much. I want to do so many reviews! I already have three post done, I just need to add my pictures. I am not posting anything until I am done with my reviews. Now, Unfortunately I need to study for my placement test for college, and youtube and blogging are def on the back burner. School is more important. I am taking my tests the upcoming weeks and I am working.  However, by Saturday PM EST I shall have 10 posts up!!!! So wish me luck not only on my tests, but completing this task!! haha!


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