Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Ponds Daily Moisterizer

Hello Dolls! Long time, no type! I had my 18th Birthday on January 12th, I was feeling under the weather ALL last week, and I JUST got a job!!! Busy passed few weeks! Oh my goodness! I missed talking to you all though, it is seriously super fun! My goal is to do two posts a week on REVIEWS every Tuesday and Thursday. I feel like reviews are meant for the blog and tutorials and routines are meant for the YouTube  Obviously, if I get requested for a hair care routine on this blog I will do one here or a review on my YouTube I will do them there. However, for the most part I want to keep it separated for now. It is just easier and simpler. Let's get into the review.

 Today I am reviewing the PONDS daily moisturizer. I have been using this moisturizer for a few months now and I can honestly say I am in like with it. I do not love it, but I do not hate it. If I lived in a warmer climate it is a perfect moisturizer because it is not too heavy. It is not particularly light either. It gives a nice amount of moisture to the skin, but could feel heavy if applied to much. Now, I live more up north after moving and my skin has been going cray cray with the cold weather! Some day's it is 50 and some, like today, is 28 out!!! So my skin is going kind of out of wack with the climate changes. I feel like in order to make sure my skin is not dry I have to put on a layer of this moisturizer  and then dot it on with my foundation to give a glowy, non-flakey moisturized look. I feel like it is a little too much work for me, but I do like the effect it does give. The fragrance is nice too; not too strong. It is around a decent price of $6. I feel like I cannot complain too much about it, but I hate the weather and what it is doing to my skin. If you do not have extreamly dry skin this product may be nice for you. For now it is an "ify" product for me. It may just be a spring and summer moisturizer vs a fall and winter one for me.

Be a Bombshell Baby,

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