Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mega Mascara Monday Review!

Hello Dolls!!! Ahhh!!! I have been trying to post this video for the longest time, sadly my internet has not been working and just time has not been on my side. However, it is up now, so that's good. Right? This post goes out to my gorgeously beautiful friend Izzy (: Now, I am sooooo sorry it has taken so long to post!!! Pictures, connections, school, and just timing sucked. But I am so happy it is finally uploading now!!! This was done Thursday night, but should have been done like two weeks ago. My bad. Anyways, on to the reviews!!

Izzy asked for three thing: for it to be waterproof, separates the lashes, and to be easy to take off. These three mascaras are magic little wonders! The beloved Lashblast in the orange tube by Cover Girl, One by One by Maybelline, andIllegal Lengths by Maybelline. I really enjoy them all, but you have to make sure if you are applying eyeliner not to get it on the lashes. Other wise it is a complete nightmare to take off waterproof mascara and gel liner. :/ True Story.

Lets start off with the beloved Lashblast mascara from Cover Girl in the orange tube. I personally believe this is the BEST out of the Lashblast line. The purple and black tubes just don't do it. It is the same exact mascara just with different staying power. Same brush and everything though. The purple and orange are identical I believe, while the black is horrid! Just don't use it, you'll be scrubbing your eyes out all night. 
Now, the brush is HUGE. It does take some time getting used to it, but once you know how to work with the brush, it is pretty easy to handle. It is a basic plastic bristle brush, that separates your lashes like no other. It is very gorgeous on the lashes, but easily clumps up. If you are not careful you could end up with scary spider lashes! EEK! I feel like it works best a week after opening. It just get's better. I find that the removing process is alright. Not my favorite to take off, but will work with a regular makeup remover wipe. If you get gel liner on your lashes then waterproof makeup remover is a MUST!

One by One has to be my favorite out of the three!! The picture give it absolute NO justice. I hate how I couldn't take a picture of my eye looking normal  Ha! It has so many tiny plastic bristles that it really separates and brings a ton of volume to the lashes. I really do look like, on a normal day to day basis, like I have million little lashes (: I love it. It is so easy to apply, you can put one coat on for a very natural look or five coats for a very dramatic look! It does not clump, and goes on deeper and darker each time. I usually do two-three coats. Depending how dramatic I want my eyes to look. The brush gets very little product on it, that you don't have to worry about messing up. It is a breeze to take off, and if Falsies and Mega Plush had a baby, One by One would be it. My lashes don't look or feel crunchy to the touch. They feel soft, and touchable(ha!). The only con I could think, would be the brush wand feels a little bit flimsy. I can deal with it though, best mascara I have tried!

Illegal Lengths is to had length. Now I don't know about any of you, but my lashes tend to me stumpy. I love adding length and dimension to my lashes with out the false lashes. So this mascara has lash fibers in it, and I think look so natural and nice against the lashes. Not the darkest or makes lashes voluminousness  but it does do a terrific job lengtheing!  I believe this makes the other two mascaras come off easier. I usually put a coat or two on over the Lashblast or One by One. I will say you must be careful!! It is totally NOT fool proof and you could put too much on. Also the little fibers could get in you fall asleep with the mascara on and rub your eyes when you wake up. My favorite combo is Illegal Lengths with One by One. Totally worth the money.

I would not usually suggest buying mascara at full price, but One by One and Illegal Lengths are worth it! I usually buy most of my drugstore products on buy one get one half off. If you can do that great! However, I wouldn't wait, these are wonder mascaras  The Cover Girl one, you could wait until it is bogo. Just because it is the harder to work out of the three. Anyways, I love these mascaras so much! They all hold a curl really well, and can be very easy to work with! They all are pretty easy to get off with a makeup wipe. Just make sure it is a moist one. If all else fails just use makeup remover with waterproof mascara, works like a charm ;) Another HUGE plus is all these are voluminousness, they lengthen, and separates the lashes. They are all cry proof, and just fabulous for everyday wear! One by One is by far my favorite!

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns please put it in the comments below and I will be happy to reply. Also if you have any request I can surely do them for you (:

Be a Bombshell Baby,

FTC: I purchased all these products and these are my own opinion.

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