Monday, October 15, 2012

Mani Monday: Maybelline Color Show in Pink Cosmo

Hello Dolls!!!! I am currently typing this from my phone. I just can't seem to connect to my Internet from my computer! Ugh. Maybe it is my location or something but it sucks that I cannot get on to my computer. 😭I can post off my day's computer but I already took the time taking pictures and watermarking those photos that I really don't want to redo all that. This has been happening pretty much all of October. Ugh. Maybe it's just the location in my room, I should go downstairs tomorrow and try it out. Haha.
On to the post!! Surprise, Surprise! It is a nail polish, BUT it is NOT Essie!!! OMG it is the Maybelline Color Show polish in Pink Cosmo. OMG it is the prettiest polish EVER. It does not photograph well though, because it is an actual rosé gold polish. Even in the bottle it is a greenish color with a ton of pink shimmers! And on the nails it looks like rose gold!! Agh!!! I'm in love!!!! I say go pick it up, it is limited edition, but it is only $3.99!!! I got it at my rite aid for $1.99 and with tax it came out to be $2.07!!! Can you say Cray Cray?! The first coat will scare you! It will be sooooo sheer, however that's just the metallic showing. The second coat is beyond gorgeous!!! It is a beautiful polish, easily. Go get it! It'll flatter all skin tones! I'm super pale and it looks great, and my sister's super tan friend wore it and looked great! For $3.99 you really can't beat it!

Be a Bombshell Baby,

FTC: I purchased all these products and these are my own opinion.

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  1. Kelsey, I love this polish! It changes color, with the changes in light. The warmer the light the pink touches come through warmly! So pretty on you! Love your blog!