Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mani Mondays: Dark and Stormy or Pretty Pales?

This year's Fall 2012 nail trends include either dark and stormy reds and navy's or pretty pales in whites, creams, light golds, and beiges. Both are very different for differnt types of girls(or boys), and can be taken as edge-y or a breath of fresh air in the fall.
I'm a huge fan of burgendy on my nails, but navy's I love!! For my skin tone, ridiculousy pale, this helps me out without being washed out by blacks and greys. I can get away with the darkness of the navy with out overwhelming my self. Burgendy is a great color itself, however It's great for a more red look vs the orange red look. I feel like with this nail trend, I can be a little edge-y.
Now for the simplistic girls with their nales the darkness may overwhelm you. No worries here!! You can have a breath of much needed fresh air with whites, light golds, creams, and even beige!! Just because they are simple colors means that they are ugly. You can go into all different directions with pinks, dusty roses, and purple undertones in all of these which I am the most excited for. (:

Be a Bombshell Baby,

FTC: All opinions are my own

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