Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Venetian Red

Hello Dolls!!! I am so excited for Venetian Red this fall! I went kind of cray cray at Rite-Aid today with nail polish and lipstick in this color. The thing is I am not a huge red fan. Actually to think about about it, I don't really like red at all. In a way, I feel as if it is the more grown up version of pink, and I don't want to like grown up pink. I want to like regular pink. Is that just me? Probably.

Venetian Red is red with hints of brown in it. Kind of like a blood red. I guess it could be described as a blood red, and I love it.

I feel like it is very flattering on pale skin tones(that's why I am wearing it on my nails), and is not orange-y at all. All of us pale girls know that with our pink undertones in our skin and red undertones in our hair, orange-reds just don't suit us. I'm not saying Venetian Red won't work on other skin tones, it just might, but from my experience(since I am pale), it works GREAT on us pale girls (:

Lips and nails, are for sure! Clothes? I don't know I haven't seen any in this color. I am on the look out though! If any one can find a piece in this color PLEASE tell me! I think this shade of red looks great in the hair, I so want to dye my hair this, but I am scared to kill my virgin hair!! Gah!!! Haha, anyways if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below <3

Be a Bomb Shell Baby,

FTC: I purchased all these products and these are my own opinion.

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