Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Naked by Urban Decay

     Hello Dolls!!!! This is probably one of my favorite posts to date, because it is on the original NAKED Palette by Urban Decay. Which is my FAVORITE high end brand EVER, and just my favorite makeup brand in general. Anyways, I was looking in my collection for a palette to review first, I had no clue what to use, and then it hit me! Like, BAM! "Use the NAKED palette!!" I think every single person should own the original Naked and Naked 2. I will be doing a review on Naked 2 next week and will put a link here when it is up.

     This palette is very sentimental to me since it is the first high end piece of makeup I bought. (I only had the Tarina Tarantio set, as a Christmas gift thanks to my Auntie.) This palette started my whole obsession with makeup and all things beauty. It has had it's better days, but it still is one of my favorites.

     I do use this palette every single day.I have had this since 10th grade and I am in 12th now. It has seen better days, but I will surely be repurchasing this again when I am out.

Over View of Swatches

Left to Right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, HalfBaked, Smog, Dark Horse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal
     Now onto swatches!!! Yes, I know the lighting is off and I hate it!!!

I will go left to right.
Virgin, is a gorgeous light pearly pink, and it does not look so brown, and is a perfect highlighting the brow bone and inner tear duct. It is also great to use as a cheek bone highlighter.
Sin, my all time favorite and it is a shimmer pink champagne. It is the only shadow that I have EVER hit pan on. I've been using it every single day for the past two years, and it is so pigmented. I barely touched it, and it is still so pigmented on my arm with slightly putting my finger in.
Naked, the shadow the whole palette is named after. It is a matte light brown, not orangery For most people it is a perfect transitioning color on the crease to blend out the makeup, but for me it is a great crease color.
SideCar, it is a grey/taupe-y glittery color with a little bit of pink undertones.

Buck, is the other matte color in this palette and it is a dark brown. It has some red and orange undertones, but for the most part is is an awesome contour color. It is way to dark for me to use has a crease color, so I use it on my outer V, but most people can get away with this as a crease color.
Half Baked, another all time favorite. This is a true gold shimmer shadow. This and Sin are my favorite shadows out of the whole palette.
Smog, is a great darker bronze color perfect for the outer third of the eye combined with half baked.
Dark Horse, is a dark shimmer brown. I love to use this in my outer V with half baked and smog. I used those three colors for the longest time.

Toasted, I love to use this with sin!!! It is like sin, but darker. I wish I could get better quality, but this is what I have.
Hustle, is a purple-y shimmery color. It makes my eyes pop, and I like it better than dark horse. A lot less harsh. Sin, toasted, and hustle are a perfect combo as well.
Creep, is a glittery black. It isn't the darkest black, but it is nice as a liner. I barely touch this shade.
Gunmetal, is a blue tone gunmetal and it's shimmery. I again, don't use this color that often. I don't do very dramatic looks, but if you do more dramatic looks you'll get more use out of gunmetal and creep.

     This is the Urban Decay Karma Shadow Brush. It costs about $24, but you get it in this palette as an extra bonus, along with a little mini UD Primer Potion. It is not my favorite brush, but it is soft and great for getting the inner corners or outer V with the tiny tip.

     It is $50 on Sephora and the Urban Decay website. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky ones with the duo whisky/zero 24/7 liner in my palette, but it did come with one of their Karma Shader brushes. Which I think is so much more user friendly, especially for people starting out with makeup and don't have brushes. All the Shadows are so buttery and pigmented, and the pictures I took, were taken off my iPhone, and it just does not do it any justice at all!!! The swatches I put I barely dipped my finger in it, and they still came out very pigmented. The shadows are so buttery and an absolute dream to work with! It does come with a total of twelve FULL size shadows. You are paying only $4 per shadow practically and they are usually $18 individually. The Karma Shadow brush is $26 dollars alone. It is just pure bliss for me.

Be a BombShell Baby,

FTC: I purchased all these products and these are my own opinion.


  1. I'm following you on instagram and saw your blog link! Love your review! I recently purchased this palette about a month ago (after drooling over it for a year!) took the price plunge and I'm Soo glad I did!!!

    1. I thought I was following you the whole time on Instagram! I feel so silly that I wasnted! Thank you so much <3 It is so worth the it, and I love it. Also the Naked 2 is great to pair the original with, love them both!