Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Dolls!!!

     Hello dolls, and welcome to my blog! Most of you know me from facebook, in like real life, but some of you may also know me from youtube,twitter,and instagram!! I am currently taking a break from youtube because technology is seriously not on my side at all. I want to have a fresh start and be taken more seriously, and not have my youtube define me as a ninth grader that had a huge typo( true story). So BabayKelsey is no longer my main channel and TheKelseyCate will be launching around Octoberish. Haha. Anyways that is not why I am writing here today. I am writing to just introduce myself a little bit! (:
     Well I am 17 years old and a Senior. I am addicted to all things beauty and fashion and really just want to tell my thoughts of products that have or have not worked for me, trends that I adore or hate, and of course my addiction to nail polish. I've been collecting makeup for about two years now and nail polish for about a year. I post NOTD( nails of the day) on istagram( TheKelseyCate) quite often and I think you all should check that out. I love to make collages from fashion magazines as well. Obviously, I have a life other than the beauty and fashion world but I love it so much it has became my hobby! Why not start a blog on what I love?
     Remember not every product works for the same person, and we all have differnt body PH compostions. A product that I dont like you may love and vice versa. For examaple, the NARS Laguna brozer does not work for me because I am very pale and it just makes me look like I have dirt on my face. However, the Hoola bronzer by Benefit, is light enought it works amazing on me for contouring! We all have different body types as well and when talking about trends I might not like it because Im too curvy or pale. Blah Blah Blah. Long story short these are my personal opinions, and I hope you all find something useful here (: I promise my posts will not be as boring as this one right here! Stay tuned!

Be a Bombshell Baby,

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