Friday, August 31, 2012

Glam it Yourself Fridays: Berry Heaven!

Hello Dolls! So obviously I watch Ingrid(MissGlamorazi), and I love the whole GIY better than DIY. It sounds and feels more girly. So Glam it Yourself Fridays are here! Now these will not be a weekly thing, but at least twice a month. Let's get started!
So today we will be creating this beautiful bookshelf! I got this bookshelf at a yard sale for like $3, and it was an ugly light wood color. I needed extra storage in my room(which is almost complete!), I decided to put my heels, pretty books, and jewelery/ a few nic-naks on here.

What you will need is a bookcase, spray paint of your choice, newspaper, an outdoors space, and I didn't show this but some paper weights to hold your newspapers down.

Put your newspapers down and spread them out. After I lay ed them down and took a picture there was a breeze so I decided to put some bottles of liquid down. You will see in the next photo a bottle of bleach. I also put other cleaning bottles down. Since we were using them to clean the yard/porch earlier that day.

Now you see the bleach-Ha! Anyways you spray paint the whole bookshelf and wait for it to dry, you may need a second coat of paint but I didn't. I spray painted this around 1PM and then it was dry by 8PM. I like to spray paint a little bit more than painting because it dries faster, and easier to apply. Plus you don't need to sand off the furniture. Just remember to dust, I made that mistake one time(yes I spray paint A LOT) and all the dust particles were visible.

This is the up close and personal look of it. Just find a place in the room you want it and place it there!

Now we are back to the original photo, and this is the Finished look. It was extremely simple and easy to do. The only hard part is waiting for the paint to dry. Just like everything else, waiting is ALWAYS the hardest part. If you would like for me to go through what is on my shelf please comment below and I will do a post about it. Any comments, questions, and request I would love to hear and answer/do!!

Be a Bombshell Baby,

FTC: I purchased all these products and these are my own opinion.

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